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2014 Wedding Trend: Bridal Gowns

Wedding season is quickly approaching, it’s that time again to take a peek at the top 2014 wedding trends you can expect to see this year. First stop, bridal gowns!!!


Will Princess Kate’s dress ever stop influencing the bridal gown world? Probably not! Bride’s are choosing to incorporate long-sleeves as a big trend this year, giving their gowns that soft, whimsical look.


Pink! Finally, here is a color that I as a photographer can truly love!! Last year’s bold choice of red made me think more prom dress than wedding dress. This year’s selection of soft, romantic pink dresses takes using color in bridal gowns back in the right direction.


When thinking of weddings, we often only think about those hot summer months. But what about those winter months? With the extended winter months we’ve been forced to endure, (come on spring, it’s almost APRIL!) brides are keeping things under wraps to fight the chill. Wraps and capes are quite the dramatic finishing touch to any wedding ensemble!


You need to be one confident bride to pull off some of the dramatic backs making a splash this year!! Some are demure, while others challenge the laws of gravity and at times modesty. The common denominator? Every bride will be a show-stopper in one of these gowns!!

There they are, the top bridal gown trends of 2014. The inspiration for bride’s and their fashion only continues to grow and amaze me every year! What was your favorite trend of this year’s collection? Past brides, what was your favorite trend for the year you were married? Future brides, are there any trends to die for out there that didn’t make this list?? Leave some comment love below and share your wonderful ideas!


*Please note: The images included in this post are all images I obtained off of Pinterest, they are not my own work and are merely here for discussion purposes. You can find them all here, located on my Bridal Fashion board with the link back to the original source. *

Book Review: Picture Perfect Practice

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to have stumbled upon Roberto Valenzuela’s “Picture Perfect Practice” one sunny afternoon at Barnes and Noble! This is a fantastic book that any photographer, whether hobbyist or successful professional, should add to their bookshelf. Don’t believe me? Let me break down the reasons for you why I feel this book is a must have:

1. Readability- Though many technical aspects of photography are covered, this book does not read like those boring textbooks we all remember from college. This book shows rather than tells you how to learn each and every idea covered. Each technique is thoroughly explained and then demonstrated through pictures of Valenzuela’s own work.

2. Examples, Examples, Examples- EVERYTHING in this book is demonstrated through photos. It gives several ways for photographers with different learning styles, whether it be visual or hand-ons, to understand each technique being used. I LOVE when trainers do this! Each practice is carefully thought out and is followed by a do-it-yourself exercise to help you hone this new skill.


3. Helps You Understand the “Why”- Unlike most of the other photography materials I have acquired to help me understand this fantastic hobby, Picture Perfect Practice does not give me just the technical specs to capture a photo (camera settings, lenses, aperture, etc.) but focuses on helping me to develop the artistic side of my photography. It helps photographers advance from the “trial and error” aspect of composing their work to noticing and fully understanding the aesthetics around them.


If you have even the slightest interest in photography, you need to go read this. You won’t regret the purchase!

March 2014: That Good Old Nesting Feeling

In all the craziness that has been this March, I have finally found myself feeling the first stirrings of nesting for Baby C. My brain has been constantly revolving around the idea that we don’t have enough THINGS for him! I am still not crazy enough when these notions happen that I don’t just laugh at myself and remind myself that all this babe of mine needs is the comfort, love and safety of my arms and he’ll be just fine. Well, and maybe his car seat so the doctors will let us leave the hospital with him  ;)

Jon has also been a trooper in wrangling me in when I become obsessed with buyings ALL THE THINGS for Baby C. It is so HARD to pass up those cute onesies!!!!!! He had quite the crazy schedule with band and swimming this month, so I am quite happy to see March fade into just a memory so I can have my hubby back as we head into these final weeks of waiting for baby. He pulled several fast ones on me this month, from an impromptu trip to IKEA to buy all of the furniture we needed for Baby C’s room to assembling and arranging it one evening while I was away at work. I’ve figured it’s his way of coping with his big-bellied, uncomfortable, crazy pregnant wife. Regardless of reason, he has made me one happy momma! It’s nice to see the start of the nursery coming together and looking so nice for the highly anticipated day we get to bring Baby C home. We still have a looong way to go until it is ready for its miniature guest, but I’m thrilled with what we have accomplished in such a crazy month  :)


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