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Travelogue: Vatican City

As a photographer, I am completely embarrassed by how long it took me to finish our vacation pictures from last summer. I’m sure all my family and friends that visit my blog or Facebook page have given up on ever seeing any of these images. Never fear! It may have been a long wait, but I have completed them!! First stop, Vatican City  :)

Thanks to our Roma Pass, Jon and I spent only a small amount of time waiting in line to see most of Rome’s sites. Getting into the Vatican City and the museum was probably a longer wait than all the other attractions combined! When we were finally able to venture in, I was amazed at how awesome everything was. Being raised and still practicing Catholicism, it felt surreal to be in the actual city and taking in the sites I’d read and heard about my whole life.


THE CEILINGS….ooooh the ceilings in this place are magnificent!! I think I spent the entire tour ambling with my face upward towards these beauties. Probably annoyed the heck out of dozens of people   😉Vatican36.13.13-516.13.13-566.13.13-646.13.13-816.13.13-93

Ahh, the Sistine Chapel. This tour really does save the best for last. Jon and I filed through the chapel, which is kept quiet as a tomb, with the hopes that I could sneak a picture. You see, pictures are not actually allowed in the chapel. Guards prowl through the crowd telling tourists to put their cameras away, which is why mine turned out blurry. I couldn’t even look down at my camera without gaining the guards’ attention, so this was on the fly as Jon and I walked through the chapel with whatever my camera settings happened to be at. It may be blurry, but I love that I was at least able to capture something!

St. Peter’s Basilica was another long wait to get inside. See all those tiny people lined up on the steps in front of the Basilica and cascading down the stairs on the side? Yeah, that’s the line….totally worth the wait though!6.13.13-1226.13.13-131Vatican4

Michelangelo’s Pieta. Absolutely beautiful.


He may have passed away almost ten years ago, but when I think of the Pope, I think of John Paul II. Although I think Pope Francis is one hip, cool dude as well! This here is John Paul II’s resting place; a beautiful spot for a beautiful person.


The main altar of Saint Peter’s, which rests over the grave of Saint Peter. It is only used when the Pope himself does Mass at the basilica. The picture on the right is of the Aspe and the throne of Saint Peter.Vatican5

Jon and I toughed out the climb and walked up the 300+ stairs to the top of the Cupola. The views out onto Saint Peter’s Square are breathtaking and we were truly blessed that on our climb up they began the evening Mass. Coolest thing ever!!6.13.13-1796.13.13-1866.13.13-1916.13.13-2026.13.13-205

Stay tuned for the next stop in our trip: The Pantheon and Trevi Fountain!

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