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December 2013 Self-Portrait: We’re Having a BOY!

Early this week Jon and I were scheduled for our second ultrasound to hopefully find out Baby C’s gender. We were nervous baby might not cooperate as the doctor wanted us to wait until 19 weeks when everything was more developed, but we REALLY wanted to know before Christmas! Well, Baby C must have known that mommy was anxious to find out because this little baby I’m carrying in my belly showed us loud and clear that it is a…….BOY!!!! The entire time the tech was performing the ultrasound Baby C was moving, kicking and waving at us, clearly as excited to see us as we were to see him!

I have felt all along that Baby C was indeed a bouncing baby boy, but man oh man I was so happy to have it finally confirmed! The weeks leading up to our ultrasound were full of anticipation of finally knowing what I was carrying, but within the last week this momma started to have her doubts that baby would cooperate. The night before Jon and I even had a stern talking to with Baby C in hopes that he/she would listen and relieve us of being so anxious to know. We are blessed to say that the doctor was very impressed with baby boy’s progress and everything looked healthy for our little man.

Now we know that so many of you knew of our appointment and have been anxious yourselves to know Baby C’s official gender. Jon and I think it is awesome that so many people love our kiddo already, but we were most thankful that we were able to surprise our families during this week with a Christmas surprise from Baby C. You see, Jon and I wanted to surprise our families in a different way than just telling everyone in person, as so much of our pregnancy news is delivered in just that way. We bought two individual outfits, wrapped them up and two very special people, my mom and Jon’s grandma, got the chance to open them as the last of their Christmas presents this year. At my family’s Christmas celebration, I was so anxious to get that present into my mom’s hands that I enlisted my sister Natalie to help us rush through everyone else’s presents!

Jon and I are excited to start thinking of names for our little guy and to get our house ready for his arrival! And there’s no way I could end this post without a couple of pictures, now could I?  :)


Our official gender reveal photo

photo 1 copy

A side profile of Baby Boy Carney

photo 2 copy

Look everyone, I’m a BOY!!!!

Rachel and Nathan: The Wedding

Oh boy, oh BOY am I excited to share these photos!!! Waaaay back in September I had the utmost privilege of shooting Rachel and Nathan’s wedding down in Greensburg, IN. Now many, MANY people have asked how I know these two very special people and always seemed shocked by my answer (I’m not sure why, I do run a business and all   :)). Rachel actually contacted me after stumbling across my website and liking what she saw. Let me tell you, she sent me the SWEETEST email asking if I was available and I just knew I had to shoot her day! I met with her and Nathan not too long after and got the chance to learn what they had prepared for their big day. I loved EVERYTHING!! My photographer heart was so happy and I couldn’t wait for their day!!

My assistant Sarah and I started the day out with the guys, who were quite hysterical about making sure no one was “ruining” any shots  :)





Next it was off to see the girls!!




TIME FOR THE DRESS!!! I got to see Rachel’s dress on my first visit with her and boy she looked as stunning in it as we all imagined she would!


Everyone is so stinking happy in this picture! Like I said, Rachel looked AAA-MAZING!





Rachel and Nathan elected to do a First Look, which I was super excited about (albeit a little nervous) because I hadn’t gotten the chance to shoot one yet. I loved it!!!





We had time for a couple of poses before the ceremony began. Man do I love a good silhouette!



MARRIED!!! See that look of relief on Nathan’s face in the photo on the right? That’s how every bride and groom feels at this point in their day  :)Ceremony4Harter-130

Things were running a little behind by the time we were ready to do portraits, so Sarah and I jumped into action getting everyone set. Brides take note: showing your photographer the place you’re set on doing your portraits before hand saves SO much time during those time crunches!!

But seriously, how cool is this old auction house Rachel found?! I was giddy she’d chosen this spot!



Right beside the old auction building  were some train tracks. I couldn’t resist  :)Posed5Harter-69

Rachel and Nathan’s reception was a little different, as they elected for everyone to have dinner in the church hall and then proceed out to another location for the party. So after dinner and toasts, we all headed out to Terre Vista Manor so Rachel could have her dream day by dancing under the stars  :)


CONFETTI TOSS!!!!!! Oh man, this was so much fun to watch! I thought I was safely at the end of the “confetti zone,” but oh boy was I wrong! Several guests enjoyed pointing out how much I was covered in confetti  ;)


The second half of the reception was held on the beautiful property of some good friends of Rachel and Nathan. It was absolutely magical and the guests had a great time getting down!

Rachel and Nathan, thank you for allowing me to capture your special day!! It was an absolute blast and you two were a delight to work with. I wish you all the best in the years ahead!!!!

To view the rest of Rachel and Nathan’s wedding day photos, click here!!!!

Something’s Been Brewing…..

I can FINALLY do this post!! I am horrible at keeping secrets and this one has been killing me! I am beyond excited to share with you all!!!!!

Well friends and family, something’s been brewing here at the Carney household…..well, I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking  :)



That’s right ladies and gents, Jon and I are expecting our first baby! I am so happy to finally let the big old secret out, as we chose to wait until I was safely through my first trimester. We couldn’t wait any longer to share, as I am beginning to show and more work acquaintances of mine and Jon’s kept finding out. Why should they know before those most important to us?! So Jon and I sat down and called those special people to share the news, it was such a fun experience!

As you can imagine, I have been bombarded with questions from each new person that finds out. So I gathered the top questions I am constantly asked to share with you all, since I’m sure you have the same  ;)


1) When are you due?

Baby Carney will be making his/her debut on June 4, 2014

2) How far along are you?

I am officially 11 weeks, as of today.

3) Is it a boy or a girl?!

Well silly, we don’t know yet! It’s way too early to know. Actually, from the pregnancy info I have been absorbing, this is the week that the baby decides whether it wants to be a boy or a girl  ;)

4) Have you been feeling sick?

YES!!!! Good Lord, yes. I am not one of those lucky ones that drift through the first trimester feeling queasy all of two days and then they move on in their pregnancy happiness. Mine NEVER GOES AWAY. I am constantly nauseous. So I am definitely one of those mommas who counts down, to the second, when her second trimester will begin and hopefully the horror will go away!

5) Are you guys excited?!

Of course not, we do this all the time. Absolutely not………………………………….if you didn’t catch the sarcasm in that, you don’t know me very well! I feel like this is the stupidest (sorry friends) question I have been asked since becoming pregnant. OF COURSE WE ARE EXCITED!!!!


Well, here’s one more picture to brighten your day, Baby Carney at 8 weeks old. I know it sure makes me happy!!  :)

image001 copy

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Courtney - November 7, 2013 - 6:49 pm

Oh my, I seemed to have left out a very important question, as several people have pointed out! Jon and I are hoping for a BOY :)

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