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Travelogue: The Pantheon and Trevi Fountain

If you’re traveling abroad, I highly recommend purchasing a Rick Steves’ travel guide to be your companion. They are stocked full of valuable information to make your trip easy and fun!

On our last day in Rome, Jon and I did what is called the “Heart of Rome Walk” from our travel guide. It led us through Rome’s most colorful neighborhood, down narrow lanes filled with trendy boutiques and intimate piazzas with some of the major monuments blended right in. We began at the Spanish Steps, named for the Spanish Embassy of the Vatican. It’s been a popular hang out for over 300 years!


Piazza Capranica


The Pantheon really comes out of nowhere on this walk. One second you’re squeezing through a narrow street only to pop out with this gigantic beauty looming large. The inside is┬ájust marvelous!

Jon and I tweaked the trail a little bit so that our walk ended at the Trevi Fountain. We grabbed some gelato and hung out admiring it in all its beauty. This is the one attraction that we made the trip to see both during the day and at night!


Well friends, that concludes our travels in Rome. Up next: Malta!

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