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Baby Brayden

WOW have the cobwebs certainly been collecting here…..time to brush them off for a sweet newborn session!

Baby Brayden is quite the handsome fella! You may remember his mommy and daddy, Matt and Melissa, from their Christmas and family session way back in the day. I had a great time being able to cuddle this cutie pie and he wanted to be awake for the majority of our session. Win, win!



Travelogue: Venice

After a wonderful week spent galavanting around Malta with Jon’s family, we headed off to enjoy a couple of more days by ourselves before flying back to the States. Venice was our last destination and boy was it fun to wander around and relax here  :)

This was the narrow alleyway that led to our quiet apartment that we rented. It was nice and peaceful!


Jon modeling just how tiny those alleyways are!6.23.13-26.23.13-6

Frari Church 6.23.13-206.23.13-376.23.13-42

The Fish Market. Unfortunately we visited on the day it was closed…6.23.13-486.23.13-47

The Rialto Bridge6.23.13-526.23.13-536.23.13-556.23.13-576.23.13-606.23.13-656.23.13-676.23.13-816.23.13-906.23.13-926.23.13-96

St. Mark’s Basilica6.23.13-1036.23.13-1046.23.13-114

Doge’s Palace6.23.13-1156.23.13-125

The Bridge of Sighs, which connects the Doge Palace to the prison6.23.13-140

La Fenice Opera House. Would have loved to have been able to venture inside!6.23.13-1696.23.13-1926.23.13-1956.23.13-1976.23.13-2146.23.13-2226.23.13-2296.23.13-2576.23.13-279


Gary Wick - December 4, 2014 - 12:55 am

I took a look at the bottom of your page and I couldn’t see or read any of the very pastel colored words. Maybe I’m just getting too old but the colors blend into the background too much.
Also: Alice and I have walked trough a lot of the passageways Jon is trying to squeeze through in Venice. We have been in many of the same places you photographed. It’s a wonderful place to be and see.

Lauren & Mike: The Engagement

Lauren & Mike reached out to me back when the days were still sunny and warm (how is it time for snow already?!) to set up their engagement session. We spent a lovely, although chilly, evening at the Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, IN. The fall colors were wonderful and these two were so much fun to have in front of my camera. I think we laughed 80% of the session!!:)


Right in front of this bridge is where Mike popped the big question to Lauren!

My favorite!!!


Lauren and Mike, I had a blast with you guys and am SO looking forward to your big day!!!  :)

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