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Home Improvement: New Fence

As you can imagine after being in our home for a year, Jon and I have a list of renovations we’d like to knock out to help boost our equity. Plus, make ourselves happy! One of the biggest eyesores we’ve had to stare at this past year was the picket fence in our backyard. When we were looking at the house it was very appealing to us, but right after we moved in or opinion started to change. The people who lived here before us (they were foreclosed on and we actually bought the house from a construction company who invested in flipping it) built the fence themselves and, not to knock their DIY skills, they missed a few steps. The beams and pickets started to dissolve in front of our eyes.  Literally. If the wind blew too hard, a good portion of rotting wood would fly away in the breeze. Almost all of our pickets were starting to split. One of our fence gate’s hinges broke and we were forced to use a lock to keep it closed and Jason in the backyard. Two months before we were able to get someone out to fix it, pickets started popping off and poor Jason had to be taken out on a leash for potty breaks. All in all, not a very awesome backyard space for hanging out…


After so many months of frustration, Jon and I decided this was now at the top of our renovation list and started saving. We were thinking of doing it ourselves, but after some research we found it would be just as cheap to let the good guys at B&G Fencing take care of it for us. They penciled us in for Memorial day weekend and guaranteed they’d have the fence up in 2-3 days. The only thing we were responsible for was tearing out the old one. We rented a dumpster for a few days and borrowed tools from some friends. Easy right? NOT AT ALL. Jon will agree that it was a HUGE pain in the butt and we were forced to cave and let the fence guys take care of part of it for us. Made us feel wimpy :-/


After a few long days, one mix up with B&G and our brand new fence is up! We are beyond happy with how it looks and Jason is beside himself with glee whenever he’s able to run free. He still peeks over his shoulder on his way out the door, making sure it’s ok and we’re not trying to trick him lol.

When we first started looking we wanted to go with the fancier five to six foot rolling arch fence, but it was WAY out of our budget. We went with something a little more private than the picket was and put in a six foot privacy fence. Jason is still anxious around other people and pets, so we’re hoping it’ll help mellow him out some. It is treated wood, so in about six months we will be able to stain it. We can’t WAIT. And all our family and friends should expect an invite to help   😉

Now that our lovely fence is completely, I’m sure I’ll be scouring Pinterest for ideas on landscaping. Check back later for our backyard landscaping renovations!!

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Jon - June 6, 2012 - 10:14 pm

Digging out the old fence posts was DUMB! DUMB, I say! 2 feet of concrete around a fence post makes it heavy and not fun to pull out of the ground. Beating the snot out of the old fence with a sledgehammer didn’t stink, though.

Courtney - June 7, 2012 - 12:11 am

I am bummed I had to work and missed smashing it with the sledgehammer :(

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